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Learn About the Craps Table – Where Am I Heading?

“What is Craps Table Odds?” is an interesting question. In answer to the question it is important to understand what makes up a craps table.

The first step in understanding this step is understanding that the “die” or ball used in Craps is the basic unit that is rolled from one end of the craps table (a public option) to another end on the other side of the room (a private option). “The craps table” is then covered in felt with a printed illustration showing the betting spaces for each of the various types of bets. Each of the ends of the craps table each have marked sections for the Lay, Come, Place, Stop, and other final bets.

Once all bets have been placed and all final bets have been made then the craps table is turned over face down. The person holding the “red glow” is now the “red stickman”. The red stickman must roll the die into his craps table from either his or her hand or from some kind of device attached to the bottom of the craps table which will rotate the red stickman. If the red stickman rolls the die into his or her own box, or into the designated area on the top of the table where the lay-even-odd number is drawn then the red stickman has won.

When the craps table appears with the red stickman facing away from the shooter places one of his or her bets in the open end of his or her craps table, usually near the number two bet of the shooter’s team. If all the bets in the open end of the craps table end up being paid out then the shooter gets to keep his or her original bet. If any of the bets on the shooter’s hand do not pay out the shooter gets to take off whatever bet he or she rolled (since the shooter rolled a single number).

If for some reason the bets on the shooter’s hand do not pay out the shooter gets to take off whatever bet he or she rolled, including the open end of the craps table. If the shooter ends up with an even number between his or her original bets and those placed on the craps table, or between his or her last bet and the final craps number drawn, then the shooter is out. But if the numbers drawn on the craps table to come out as odd the shooter gets to keep his original bet. Any other number other than odd can be folded.

Now, if you want to play craps but don’t want to risk your own money you can play with dummies. The dummies are very powerful poker tools and can help you win a lot of money. All you have to do to activate a dummy bet is to place a bet with a number equal to the number on the dummy betting table, and if that bet wins the bet is real. In addition, you’ll get a bonus of course if your dummy turns out to be a winner.